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دکتر نهضت فرنودی

Nehzat Franoody

Meet Dr Nehzat Farnoody, Ph.D. Licensed Clinical Psychologist with a Specialty in Cross-Cultural Psychology. Dr. Farnoody has provided over 20 years of community service here in Los Angeles, in an effort to raise awareness on Mental Health, and has hosted several Media Literacy programs in helping families cope with cross-cultural conflicts. Listen to Dr Farnoody’s latest audiobooks only on ZPOD. 

Access the valuable category of Dr Nehzat Farnoodys efforts over the past 20 years.

Innovation Has no Boundaries


Launch Your Startup: 5 Essential Steps, Tips, Strategies, & Ideas Everyone has ideas.

Some ideas may be noble, whereas others are probably not so good. Even if your idea is great, there’s a big difference between having a great idea and creating a successful startup company.

Do you have what it takes to run a Startup?

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